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Christa McGill

Christa grew up in Montclair, New Jersey, but has been moving south ever since. She received her bachelor's degree from Georgetown University and her law degree from Duke University School of Law in 1988. After law school, Christa worked for the Social Security Administration's Office of General Counsel before returning to Durham, NC and opening the law firm of McGill & Noble with law school classmate Ginny Noble in 1991.

Christa practices in the areas of social security and veterans disability law. She handles social security cases at the administrative level as well as appeals in the federal court system. The North Carolina State Bar has certified her as a specialist in social security disability law.

Christa has been helping veterans and their families prove their compensation claims since 2007.  Her veterans law practice includes representation at all levels—VA Regional Offices, the Board of Veterans Appeals, and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

Involvement in professional organizations in her practice areas is important to Christa. She has served two terms as chair of the North Carolina State Bar's social security disability specialization committee and is a past chair of the Disability Advocacy Section of the North Carolina Advocates for Justice. Christa also belongs to the National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives, the National Organization for Veterans Advocates, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association and the Military and Veterans Law Section of the North Carolina Bar Association.

Christa also holds a Ph.D. in sociology from Duke University, where she focused her study on social inequalities in the workplace.

Areas of Practice

  • Veterans Disability Law
  • Social Security Disability Law

Certified Legal Specialties

  • Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability Law, North Carolina State Bar
  • North Carolina, 1988


  • Duke University School of Law, Durham, North Carolina
    • J.D. - 1988
  • Duke University
    • Ph.D., Sociology - 2002
  • Georgetown University
    • B.A. - 1985

Professional Associations and Memberships

  • National Organization of Social Security Claimants Representatives
  • National Organization of Veterans Advocates
  • North Carolina Advocates for Justice
  • North Carolina Bar Association
  • Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims Bar Association


  • River M. Recommends McGill and Noble

    "...I have had a very positive and successful experience. I would absolutely recommend this firm with the added note that they are trauma-informed, which if you have PTSD is a paramount skill. Overall, I have no complaints. I feel fortunate to have had such good representation."
  • Vance V. Recommends McGill and Noble

    “This is a very difficult and frustrating process. You and your team made this easier. Thank you.” 
  • Timothy H. Recommends McGill and Noble

    “Would like to thank Christa for her professional dedication, attention to details, for her wisdom in helping me get a favorable decision on a complicated claim. Would highly recommend McGill and Noble to my friends and veterans. Thank you!!!”
  • Mary M. Recommends McGill and Noble

    “Everything was done very professionally, all information and communication was very informative and precise. Ms. McGill has helped me so much!!! Ms. McGill is very compassionate in helping me to achieve the best outcome…Thank you for fighting for me, Ms. McGill—I appreciate everything you have d...
  • Menessah J. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You all did a great job! Your professionalism and concern for me was outstanding.” 
  • Monika G. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I have been very satisfied with Ms. Noble and the staff at McGill & Noble through the whole process. I really appreciated that, from the first meeting onward, Ms. Noble was very kind, helpful and knowledgeable. I felt as though she worked very hard to make sure I had my best chance for winning m...
  • Shale M. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You made it easy to relax during the long wait for the hearing and decision.”
  • Glendale H. recommends McGill & Noble

    "The firm did an outstanding job presenting my case. The communication between us was the best I've seen in a very long time. Thank you for all that you have done, and all that you do for your clients.”
  • Rhonda D. recommends McGill & Noble

    “From the first contact made with this firm, and ongoing conversations with the office, they were professional yet personable at the same time. I felt understood when they responded to my concerns and answered my questions. They did an exceptional job in moving my case along and keeping in contac...
  • Michelle W. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Christa did a wonderful job. She was very through and professional, and was always readily available to answer any questions that I had. I have recommended this firm, and will continue to do so. Aimee was also very helpful and professional any time I called the office, or came in the office.”
  • Cynthia T. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Absolutely excellent service from initial meeting to notification of approval. I was kept well informed on how things were going all during the process. Staff and attorneys were available to answer any questions or concerns. All in all, overall outstanding experience. I would and have recommende...
  • Lawanda R. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I would just like to say thank you for all that you have done, and everyone else involved. I have been waiting so long to get the right medical help, and it came just in time.”
  • David G. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Everything was easy and I was able to understand every step of the way through the process. Aimee is wonderful and puts everyone at ease. I could not have chosen a better group to represent me.” 
  • John W. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I want to thank attorney McGill and your firm, I never would have gotten my benefits without you.”
  • Richard H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Excellent communication with excellent results. Would highly recommend you to anyone.” 
  • Gregory W. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I'd have been lost if not for your help. You put together a very compelling case and did a very excellent job. Many, many thank yous!!” 
  • April C. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Great communication with staff, answered all my questions and responded to all calls within a fair time frame. I'm very happy with the outcome of my case. Thank you, Ms. McGill.” – April C., Durham
  • Cory C. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Ms. McGill was very knowledgeable about legal and disability matters and was very professional, especially in the courtroom. She was thoroughly prepared for the hearing, and skillfully countered every suggestion made by the vocational expert there as pertained to my disability. Aimee was very co...
  • Dallas R. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Virginia Noble is an excellent attorney. She was very professional and handled my case with care and concern. Whenever I needed to ask a question, she was there to answer my questions and help me deal with the pressures of the hearing. When the hearing came, she handled the case and prepared the...
  • Shella E. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Very pleased that I sought a lawyer at the hearing phase. You are the only office that called back and was willing to represent me at such a late stage, with such a short time to review a case that had been ongoing for a couple of years. I have multiple doctors, and all records were ordered in a...
  • Harold D. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Ms. McGill did an awesome job on my case! I was very pleased with the results. I will recommend McGill & Noble to my family and friends, as well as the disabled veterans I know.”
  • Sarah C. recommends McGill & Noble

    “From start to finish, everyone was caring and informative! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions via phone, email and in-person. I will let everyone know to go to you!”
  • Audrey T. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I feel that with the overall process, Christa did a great job of being informative about what would happen and the sequence. I felt very comfortable discussion my medical conditions with her. She was very polite and made me feel comfortable.”
  • Patsy D. recommends McGill & Noble

    "You were easy to contact, and answered all our questions. You explained everything, and showed a genuine interest in my case.” 
  • Patricia C. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Ms. McGill could not have been nicer or more understanding. I am more than pleased with the outcome of my case, and I would recommend the firm to anyone in my situation without hesitation.” 
  • Deberry L. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I felt that your firm did an excellent job for me. You took my claim with other firms didn't give me a chance. McGill & Noble did a mighty beautiful, excellent and blessed service for me to get my SSI benefits.” – 
  • Johnette G. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I feel attorney Noble did an excellent job. She cared from day one, and I am very pleased with the work she did. I will recommend McGill & Noble to everyone I meet. Thank you for all your help, now I feel like I matter again. When you are disabled, you feel like nobody cares. Thank you for carin...
  • Brenda S. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You made a difficult and personal problem much easier. You were all easy to talk to. Your front office staff was always so helpful. Thank you!”
  • Linda R. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Very professional. I didn't just feel like I was a client, but a family member or close friend.”
  • Shanon L. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I want to say thank you for the bottom of my heart, because you and your team have stuck by me through this whole process. I would be still fighting if not for you. For what it's worth, do not change a thing about what you do, just keep doing it. Here are five stars to you and your team.
  • Cornell D. recommends McGill & Noble

    “My case was handled with professionalism and in a timely process. I am extremely happy with the outcome of my case. I will highly recommend your firm to anyone needing assistance. Thank you!”
  • Debra H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I was impressed with how my case was prepared and presented. Also, how attorney Noble explained the Social Security process to me to give me a better understanding. Attorney Noble presented professionalism and expertise in her profession. I would highly recommend family and friends for legal ass...
  • Betty O. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I chose Ms. Noble with her having over 20 years of experience with SSDI and VA. I felt she gave my case the attention it deserved. She was very honest and up-front with me, and my questions and emails were answered in a timely manner. I would recommend her I the future, and I am very thankful fo...
  • James B. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I feel you all did a very good, excellent job representing me. I never called one time and did not get an answer for what I called about. You all did everything you said you would, and more. I am very pleased with your service. I would recommend anyone to you.”
  • Karen and John E.

    “McGill & Noble provided the best experience for me and my husband when filing for disability benefits. They were professional, patient and very efficient handling the case that had previously been denied twice. Special arrangements were made to see us at off-peak hours, and the office is very co...
  • Brenda H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you! I feel someone finally listened to me. I am at peace now.”
  • Tracy S. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Ms. McGill, thank you very much for all your support. You and your staff (Emma and Aimee) were very nice and professional. Thanks for explaining the process to me and being there by my side at the hearing. Thanks again for the outstanding dedication you and your team have given me.”
  • Dani S. recommends McGill & Noble

    “As far as I can tell, you and your staff performed flawlessly every step of the way. I thank you not only for your expertise and professionalism, but for your empathy and compassion handling me and my case. I wish you, your firm, and all in your life the best moving forward. Best wishes.”
  • Michael G. recommends McGill & Noble

    “All of you did an Awesome Job! Always helpful and informative when I had questions. The social security process was very stressful for me and with PTSD, I had a lot of anxious days. I sincerely appreciate all of what you did for me and my wife. I doubt I would have been approved without your gui...
  • Conti H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You have very good customer service. Everyone made sure they stayed in touch with me and kept me up to date on everything I needed to do and know. Never had to question your service twice. I definitely would recommend you to someone else.”
  • Barbra recommends McGill & Noble

    “I would highly recommend you and your firm to others. It was recommended I get in touch with you by my doctor. My impression of McGill & Noble was a good one from the first phone call. Aimee and Emma represent your company, answering any questions I had, if they couldn't they would get back in t...
  • Patricia L. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You did excellent. I could not have asked for better representation. Also, Aimee is absolutely outstanding! You will not find a better group than McGill & Noble!”
  • Artis M. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Thank you for everything y'all done for me as well as mainly one day Ms. Noble helped me out when I had a doctors' appointment and didn't have a copay. Thank you for being there for me. You done the bet you could have done. Thanks for your service and may God bless y'all.”
  • Sharon B. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Always courteous and answered questions and presented facts so I could understand.”
  • Sonia Y. recommends McGill & Noble

    “McGill & Noble was a blessing! A light in a dark time in my life.”
  • Lamia H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I just wanted to thank you and everyone in your office who were able to assist me in obtaining social security disability. I thought it was going to take a long time, but thankfully my case got approved.”
  • Scott M. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I believe I received good feedback and communication, and that Ms. McGill had patience with me when I was explaining to her all my issues and concerns. I feel very grateful.”
  • Patricia C. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Attorney McGill & Emma were both very good at promptly returning calls and responding to any questions that I had throughout this process. Attorney McGill provided me with a clear understanding of the steps that would be taken all along the way. I was able to relax to a certain degree during the...
  • Kathryn D. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Even though the process was long and discouraging, Ms. Noble continued to be upbeat and encouraging, while remaining realistic. She also quickly assessed our son's level of communication, speaking directly to him but not overwhelming him with too much information. She listened carefully to him a...
  • Sherri R. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Aimee was awesome in her dealings with us! She was always so helpful and understanding and responded to emails very quickly! This meant so much in helping us deal with such an unpleasant experience. Thank you!”
  • Hakeem P. recommends McGill & Noble

    “We would like to thank you for all of your time and help with pulling the documents together for our case. We are grateful for everything. Your staff was very polite when they would call for more information.”
  • Christopher B. recommends McGill & Noble

    “As a veteran whom served his country, I needed help getting Social Security Disability that I rightfully deserve. I tried reaching out to many law firms that never got back to me. Ms. Noble got back to me very promptly. She was very respectful of the needs of me and my family. She walked me thro...
  • Leatha G. recommends McGill & Noble

    “I am very satisfied with my results. I appreciate the fact that Ms. Noble had the hearing at a local Social Security Office, so I didn't have to drive 3 hours. Ms. Noble was great with the judge and I felt that definitely had an effect on the outcome of the trial. She was prepared. I will be gla...
  • Susan H. Recommends McGill and Noble

    “I don't think you all could have done anything better!!! I have recommended McGill and Noble to those on Nextdoor that need help with a VA or Social Security claim. I really appreciated the personal communication that comes from working with Ms. McGill's small office versus a big corporation.” 
  • Latta P. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You were very welcoming from the beginning. You were professional and honest and that is so appreciated in this day and time. I feel that you guided me through the process very well and I wasn't nervous at all when the judge spoke to me. I really felt I made the right decision choosing your law ...
  • Clyde H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Ms. McGill and her assistant/paralegal were very informative about the whole process. They were patient while taking my calls and answering my questions. Ms. McGill made it very easy for me to understand the legal terms of my case. I am thankful to have had someone to take my case and fight for ...
  • George S. recommends McGill & Noble

    “From the first time when I contacted your office you were very insightful and thorough. Again, thank you very much for your patience. I will definitely refer you to any of my friends and family in need.” 
  • Javier H. recommends McGill & Noble

    “McGill and Noble kept me informed every step of the way. Very happy with the outcome of course. Regardless my opinion would not be any different if the outcome was negative. The service they provide to veterans is priceless to say the least.” 
  • Lauren D. recommends McGill & Noble

    “You all couldn't have been more supportive, informative, and responded more quickly! I appreciate all your help more than I can say!” 
  • Terrance W. recommends McGill & Noble

    “Very professional, responsible, and responsive to questions. Great customer service that placed the needs of the client first. Nothing could have been done better. You guys are fantastic. Your firm is the best of the best. Thank you for your help and support."